What to Wear?

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

I’ve always found dressing for an event to be a thrilling undertaking. It was not until recently that I realized how much of a burden others find it to be. A tedious task for some, an anxiety-inducing situation for others. One of the most frequent questions Daniel House receives about our annual Croquet Classic is some variation of, “What should I wear?” Dressing appropriately for an event can be solved by having an understanding of the event itself, and your personal style. As daunting as that may seem to some, that understanding isn’t as obscure as you might think.

An event quite unlike any other, the Croquet Classic offers a nuanced blend of sophistication and frivolity to its guests. This year, Daniel House has implemented the timeless dress code of Croquet Whites. According to the United States Croquet Association, players are expected to wear all white apparel on court. This strand of realism is sure to add an element of elegance to the game. I’m not yet sure if it will be balanced or overshadowed by the Thor-sized croquet mallet. Though the game is played with regular mallets and not flamingos like in Alice in Wonderland, Daniel House does its best to keep the day filled with whimsy and otherworldly fun. From the eccentric handicaps to the upbeat and quirky Master of Games, raising money for worthy causes has never been so enjoyable.

Quantifying your style for an event of this nature can be difficult. Rather than try to fit the event, like you would at a costume party, I strongly suggest forgoing any gimmicky ideas, and rather wear something that makes you feel good.

Ladies, an all white outfit is not as limiting as you might think. Form is your friend as you dress for the Croquet Classic. A dress, skirt, shorts, pants, or jumper? You have options galore, and that’s not even including accessories. My advice to you is to think practically, as you’ll most likely be partaking in the game at some point. Nothing too short or fussy. As for shoes, leave the heels at home. If you insist on some height, block heels or wedges will do fine on the lawn. Flats, sandals, or even a pair of white Converse All-Stars would work well for the day.

Men, you have fewer options than women when it comes to what to wear, but I suggest you

have fun with your attire. Daniel House’s Director of Design did come in a jaunty little romper last year. As enjoyable as that was, it’s not something I’d suggest for the majority of guests. Well-fitting pants or shorts are key. From there, have at it!

The Croquet Classic lends itself to the guest that’s comfortable in his or her own skin. Wear what you will, and be prepared to enjoy the day with wonderful people and silly surprises. We can’t wait to have you!

If you're struggling with find that perfect outfit, you can purchase a white cardigan from us that will be waiting for you at the event. We can even have a patch with your preferred team on it! There will be various other accouterments available at the event as well, like scarves, pennants, and pins.

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