What's Wrong with Wood Look Tile?

Brick Linoleum - A Thing of the Past

Dear Daniel,

I need a new kitchen floor. What do you think about wood look tile?

Sincerely, Wood-Looking

Dear Wood-looking,

I get the practicality of the Wood look tile. You want the warm look of a wood floor, but with the easy maintenance of tile. The problem is, whenever a material is made to look like something it isn't, it almost always goes out of fashion. Think about how Corian countertops were the thing of the 90s, or how in the 60s and 70s people seemed to have an affinity for brick lineolum. But we laugh at the idea of installing either of these materials today! These are simply tricks that everyone has seen a million times.

You don't hear people saying, “I'm tired of wood floors,” or “I'm over brick houses,” or “limestone is so out!” We never really tire of authentic building materials. If wood is properly sealed, it can be very resilient to water, so if wood is the look you want, wood is the material you should use. And, as an added bonus, it is much softer than tile, so it's easier on your joints. Also, if you're a clutz like me, you'll have a better chance at keeping those dropped glasses from shattering.

You'll be wanting to rip your wood tile up in ten years-I promise.



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