Staples of Design II: Drinks Tables for Your Arsenal

I signed off last time promising to share my favorite drinks tables with you this time. I should probably back up and say I am biased on this topic as I have a huge crush on Bunny Williams, who started her home furnishings line for the very reason that she had trouble finding exceptional drinks tables for her projects. For those of you who may not know, Bunny Williams has had a gigantic career in the world of interior design and she doesn't seem to be slowing down. She began working for the firm of Parish-Hadley in New York City in the 1960's and stayed there for over 20 years, presumably learning everything there is to know about her craft. In the late 1980's she founded her own firm which continues today. Bunny Williams Home is a relatively new endeavor featuring high quality contemporary pieces routed in good design of the past.

What I love most about Bunny is that she does not try to make living at home similar to living in a museum. She packs rooms full of beautiful things, yes, but those things are all there to serve its inhabitants in some way or other. She lays out sensible seating arrangements that allow people to sit and talk and she makes sure every chair worth sitting in also a has a little table on which to perch a drink. Practically, these little tables are of a weight and size that allow you to shuffle them around and quickly alter the layout a bit if that's what you need. Artistically, the right drinks tables act as functional works of art that add a significant amount of definition to a room's overall character. Both are reasons you should have a short list of go-to drinks tables in your designer arsenal.

Now that I've gushed, let me say that I would love to have BWH's new Mateo Drinks table in my living room and would welcome it as a gift from anyone. However, at $1,800.00 it's a bit out of my price range right now. It's also a little beyond what a lot of my clients are willing to invest in a little table to hold a drink. This is not an a putdown, just a nod that Bunny's are perhaps slightly aspirational tables.

Starting my 2020 Christmas list a little early: I need the Mateo in red, as the green will clash with my olive green ottoman.

Another little table I love is the Saddle Table which is available at for under $400.00 (with a membership). It's a little under 10" wide, 16" long and 20"high so it fits anywhere. What I really like is that it's just as at home in really contemporary rooms as it is in more traditional ones. The metal finish doesn't look faux-distress, but it also doesn't look pristine. Very often, in rooms filled with fabric and wood, I find a little metal and glass a welcomed reprieve.

Continuing down the metal and glass avenue for a moment, this is a classic ads a hint of sophistication wherever it lands. Slightly large to be considered a true drinks table, its slender build still allows it to move around at ease. I would also specify it as a side table in a room where space is tight. It's available at for $775.00 (with a membership).

These are a few of my favorites that I plan to utilize in 2020. I'm anxious to know what drinks tables you rely on to complete your projects. Do you specify them from the very beginning our do you drop them into your rooms on installation day? Do you follow Bunny's rule that every chair needs a drinks table?

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