Make Your Kitchen Beautiful and Useful

As the last days before Christmas are upon us, it starts to become less and less important that our kitchens are beautiful and more and more important that they are places of utility that are able to pump meals out as efficiently as possible. As I was designing a kitchen for a potential client, I was listening to "The Most Beautiful House in the World," by architecture critic, professor, and author Witold Rybczynski on my audible account. It's the story of his and his wife's experience building a home for themselves in which he talks about his wife asking why a kitchen couldn't be more like a workshop, where all the tools are out in the open so you can find them with ease. This seemed pertinent to me as our client expressed how important it was to her husband that the pots be right where he could find them, rather than having to rummage through stacks in a cabinet. The obvious solution to this problem is a pot rack, but so often these look really cheap, cluttered, and barely ever seem to be customizable. So often, pot racks are cheap looking, off-the-shelf items that clutter a kitchen rather than dignify their purpose. But Ann Morris is a company that specializes in beautiful and fully customizable pot racks. They can be a very large fixture over an island with beautiful holophane pendants integrated within, or they can be more simple affairs comprised of just a few bars mounted to a wall.

Usually when we start talking about pot racks, people's first reaction is “I don't have beautiful pots to hang on his rack!” Beautiful pots could be collected over time, and it is always more beautiful for a room to function for its express purpose than to appear pristine and unused. Your old pots will do just fine, but if you need some more, Christmas is coming!

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