Buy Yourself a Beautiful Old Writing Desk and Use it as a Bar in your Living Room

I'm not usually an advocate for using things for purposes other than that for which they were designed, but I read about this desk-turned-bar idea in a book about the famous design firm, Parish Hadley, years ago and I've never been able to put it out of my mind. We never use writing desks anymore because it's so easy to lay out on the sofa with our laptops perched on our laps and the TV blaring in the distance. Given there's not a particularly stiff market for these relics, there are plenty of compelling options to be found on 1stdibs and the like. The Regency style flamed mahogany and green-leather-topped desk I've shown here is only $1,130.00 and its a prime piece to facilitate a raucous, if perhaps slightly high brow, party.

Imagine you've got the perfect set of decanters on a tray sitting on the leather top. You've pulled the drawers open carelessly. In some of them, you've placed the brightly colored glass bottles containing whatever it is you require to make your favorite mixed drinks, in one you've got napkins, coasters, a cup of straws and stir sticks and maybe a dishcloth draped over the edge in case someone makes a big mess. Finally, one contains a silver ice bucket. What your friends would have seen as something old and useless, they will now absolutely have to have for their own homes. After your party's over, perhaps you can try setting up your laptop at the desk for a change...although then you might feel compelled to buy a typewriter and that could be a step too far.

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