Add a Little Pattern to Your Life

Don't Feel Like You have to Turn to Wallpaper to get a Little Pattern in Your Life

These days, most of us design our houses as if we may need to sell them tomorrow. Patterned wall coverings have become dangerous territory. We paint our walls white and light gray to ensure that anyone who walks through our doors will like what they see. Or at least they won't be offended by what they see. I understand, because almost every choice we make in our houses seems to cause our bank accounts to hemorrhage. We have a duty to ourselves to recoup our losses. But just because we tend towards painting our walls clean, consumable colors, doesn't mean we can't have some pattern somewhere. Upholstered chairs, duvet covers, and area rugs are all objects on which we are accustomed to experiencing small doses of pattern and color.

I love the marbleized lamp shade from Pentreath & Hall shown above because it's so uncommon for a lampshade to pack such a punch. It's conservative and wild at once. Conservative, because marbleized paper so often carries our minds to the hardback books we find in great old libraries and wild because when the pattern is experienced beyond the covers of a book, we can see just how abstract and bold it can be. If you're looking for a little pattern in your life, I'd order a couple of these. If you are daring enough for wall coverings, pair the shades with the Bonga Burlap Jute paper from Designer Wallcoverings, which provides pattern through texture, and paint your baseboards and casings Ben Moore Newburg Green HC-158 to pick up the undertones of the marbling. If you're not living where you plan to stay for the rest of your day, just enjoy the shades and take them with you when you move!

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